HOPE Mountain

Lajas de Yaroa is the name of the town where HOPE Mountain is located. It hosts beautiful fruit trees, a relaxing river, a pool and a wonderful play area for children. It is the central base for HOPE Dominican Republic.

Ruben Dominguez
Phone: 214-810-7333
Email: info@hope4drnow.org

Recent Updates

We are hosting another mission team!

Published Tue, Aug 14, 18. Written by .

Right now at Hope Mountain we have a missions team here from Adventures in Missions. They are World Racers on an 11 month trip to 11 different countries. We are blessed to host them for the month of August!



Please help us to create a fund for upcoming interns. This will greatly enhance our ability to find quality help. Thank you!

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Mission Trip Scholarship

Please help us to create a fund that would provide scholarships for those interested in joining us on a mission trip!

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Ruben and Vicki

We need your help in order to continue this precious work in the Dominican Republic. Our family has made many sacrifices as we've faithfully shared the gospel. We can only continue with your suppor...

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Selina faithfully serves in the Dominican Republic each summer and occasionally throughout the year. She leads all of our camps, mission groups and youth activities. It is a great cost and sacrific...

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