HOPE Mountain

HOPE Mountain lies within the Cordillera Central Mountain range of the Dominican Republic. Its location, between the cities of Santiago and Puerto Plata make it convenient for tourists, mission trip participants and locals. A river runs throughout the entire property which provides a soothing waterfall. 

Children enjoy the fully equipped playground and everyone loves swimming in the pool on a hot day.

Many people spend a week-three months on the mountain for retreats and mission trips. Teams are housed teams dormitory style which provides opportunities for participants to engage in deeper relationships with one another. 

Our Vida en Cristo churches and our children centers use the property for retreats, camps and other activities. Mission groups and interns are housed on the property and the director of HOPE Dominican Republic and his family live there.

Ruben Dominguez
Phone: 757-362-8218
Email: info@hope4drnow.org
Website: www.hope4drnow.org

Recent Updates

We are hosting another mission team!

Published Tue, Aug 14, 18. Written by Blue Jays.

Right now at Hope Mountain we have a missions team here from Adventures in Missions. They are Workd Racers on an 11 month trip to 11 different countries. We are blessed to host them for the month of August!


Please help us to create a fund for upcoming interns. This will greatly enhance our ability to find quality help. Thank you!

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Mission Trip Scholarship

Please help us to create a fund that would provide scholarships for those interested in joining us on a mission trip!

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Basketball Court

Here at HOPE Mountain, we want to bring transformation to Dominican Republic by doing a variety of different things. We would like to have a basketball court here at HOPE Mountain to help cultivate...


Learning Computer Center

Our children centers are a vital part of our ministry. We need computers for both centers. The computers will be a catalyst for many experiences including helping the children with homework and fac...